A Comprehensive Guide to Cardiac Rehabilitation: Expert Advice from a Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac rehab after surgery or treatment associated with any cardiac disease is crucial for strengthening the heart. Cardiac rehab can include exercise training, knowledge about a heart-healthy lifestyle, emotional support, and more. If you want to make the most out of cardiac rehab, the best cardiac surgeon in Delhi has valuable tips for you.

  1. Alter Your Lifestyle

Cardiac rehab aims to prevent your heart from suffering future damage. Some vital lifestyle changes that you need to make during cardiac rehab are as follows:

  • Consume the prescribed medications to reduce cholesterol or blood pressure levels
  • Switching to a fibre-rich diet low in sugar, fat, and sodium
  • Engage in regular physical activities
  • Cutting off tobacco products and quitting smoking
  • Learning healthy ways for stress management

The cardiac rehab team will ensure you can make these necessary lifestyle changes and help you stick to those habits. It’s crucial to keep following these improved lifestyle habits even after the cardiac rehab program ends.  

  1. Start Your Program Without Delay 

Every patient has a different recovery time after having a heart attack or any other cardiac issue. The best cardiac surgeon in Delhi will help you understand the apt time to start your cardiac rehab program. Once your doctor tells you that you are fit for cardiac rehab, you should start immediately. By keeping future heart problems at bay, cardiac rehab will provide a healthy life ahead. 

  1. Keep Track of Your Symptoms

During the cardiac rehab program, some patients end up experiencing certain symptoms. If you continue to feel heavy and have chest pain even after surgery, you should inform your cardiac rehab team about it. This chest pain is called angina, and it will feel like tightness, heaviness, squeezing, or a burning sensation under your breastbone. 

If you are experiencing fatigue, dizziness, or chest pain while exercising, you need immediate medical attention. Every heart attack can come with different symptoms. So, don’t ignore the symptoms thinking they are irrelevant because you did not have them during your last heart attack. 

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  1. Ask Questions

You will find a doctor, nurse, dietitian, and exercise specialist in your cardiac rehab program. They will develop a cardiac rehab plan according to your requirements. The plan will highlight the lifestyle changes necessary to minimize your risk factors. 

The cardiac rehab program will also have a specific exercise regimen for you. Usually, you will be recommended the following physical activities:

  • Aerobic exercises like walking, using a step trainer or an elliptical or riding a stationary bike
  • Activities like weight lifting and using resistance bands or cable machines to strengthen your muscles

While it’s crucial to follow the instructions of experts in your cardiac rehab program, you can ask questions. If you are unable to follow a specific instruction, ask what to do and how you are supposed to do it. From how long you should be using the treadmill to how much salt to add to your food, you are allowed to ask all these questions to your cardiac rehab team.

  1. Share How You Feel

Cardiac rehabilitation can be intimidating for some people. It’s okay to feel depressed, anxious, or even scared at cardiac rehab. But sharing it with your cardiac rehab team is crucial for faster recovery. 

When you share how you feel emotionally, the cardiac rehab group will be able to connect you with professionals who can help. It will ensure that you can set realistic goals toward getting healthy and take adequate time to reach them. 

Additionally, in your cardiology rehab program, remember that you’re not alone. You’re part of a community focused on getting fitter and healthier, which can improve your perspective and ensure a safe path to recovery.

Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation can improve your life physically as well as emotionally. It will help you get better at managing your cardiac condition. A few benefits of cardiac rehabilitation are as follows:

  • Reduced risk of coronary artery disease and other heart complications
  • Improved strength
  • Weight management
  • Elimination of habits like chewing tobacco or smoking
  • Developing coping mechanisms to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Following heart-healthy behaviours like regular exercise and sticking to a diet

Wrapping up

Cardiac rehab aims at an improved quality of life if you follow the instructions carefully. Sometimes, cardiac rehab can make you feel better than before cardiac surgery or any other heart condition. You have to associate with top cardiac surgeons who have years of experience in treating patients. Get in touch with the leading hospitals and cardiac treatment centres and consult the best cardiac surgeon in Delhi to understand how cardiac rehab can help you.

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