Comparing Interest Rates: BoB Personal Loans vs. Traditional Banks

With a wide number of top-rated banks offering competitive interest rates and perfect services, the choice is difficult. The personal loan rate is undoubtedly the crucial factor in choosing the bank. The trustworthiness and reliability of the bank also play a critical role. Bank of Baroda fits the mentioned criteria. But how? Explore the comparison of Bank of Baroda personal loan interest rate with other banks and decide the best option for yourself. 

Bank of Baroda Personal Loan: Benefits 

Bank of Baroda is India’s leading public sector bank. Expanded around different cities and states with more than 8200 branches, it is the second largest public sector bank in India. The bank was established in 1908 and has contributed the most to the Indian economy and the well-being of the population. 

Offering competitive interest rates, it is the topmost choice of the people owing to the different benefits offered by the bank. Here is an insight into what you are missing out on by ignoring the Bank of Baroda personal loan as your option: 

  • Emergency Fund obtained through hassle-free documentation and available within 2 to 7 days of application 
  • Advantage over credit cards along with no strict credit limits 
  • Multiple accepted modes of payment during paying back, such as cash, cheque, or bank transfer 
  • Freedom to extend the period for loan repayments 
  • Flexible fund usage for any personal reason 
  • Higher loan amounts are approved to meet a variety of needs. 

Bank of Baroda Personal Loan: Eligibility 

With such competitive rates, wondering about the strict eligibility criteria is natural. To make things clear, here are the required criteria to meet to apply for a low Bank of Baroda personal loan interest rate. 

Employment: Government/private/self-employed professionals with minimum continuous service for one year. Insurance agents must be in business for at least two years. 

Age: At least 21 years of minimum age, while the maximum age for a salaried individual is at most 60 years, and non-salaried individuals must be at most 65 years 

Quantum of finance: At least INR 1 lakh for metro and urban branches and INR 0.5 lakh for rural and semi-branches. At most INR 20 lakhs. 

Bank of Baroda Personal Loan: Comparing Interest Rate with Traditional Banks

In comparison with other traditional banks, we witness lower interest rates in Bank of Baroda. Check the insights into other banks below for information: 

Bank of Baroda: The range of interest rates offered to their customers is from 11.05% to 18.10%.

Karnataka Bank: Expect the interest rate here to begin from 12% and reach up to 17% per annum. 

IIFL: Here, the interest rate starts from 12.754 and goes up to 44% per annum. 

South Indian Bank: The interest rates are higher compared to the Bank of Baroda personal loan interest rate, ranging from 13.1% to 20.6% per annum. 

Indian Overseas Bank: One of the oldest and most well-known banks, Indian Overseas Bank also offers higher interest rates for personal loans. The beginning rate is 12.5% per annum, with the maximum rate being 13.5% per annum. 

Tips to Lower Interest Rates

Banks are considerate to lower personal loan interest rates. However, it requires the individual to exhibit excellent finance handling capabilities. If you are looking for a Bank of Baroda personal loan, the following tips can help you secure the loan at lower interest rates: 

  • Improvement in credit score is a direct example of effective financial handling. A credit score of 750 or above is happily welcomed at a bank that offers a low interest rate. If your credit score is lower than the stated number, it is time to take measures to improve it. 
  • Be attentive during the period when aiming for a personal loan. If possible, wait for the festive seasons to get lower interest rates. Alternatively, wait for special offers from the bank to pay a lesser amount. 
  • Comparison of interest rates is the most logical and important step to get the best deal. Check the official websites of the banks and compare them for yourself to get the latest updates. 
  • Choose the bank where you have the oldest account. The history gives you an advantage and helps in negotiation with a proven record of your finance management. Thus, you can expect lower interest rates. 


Bank of Baroda is among the trusted and old banks of India. Offering competitive interest rates, its rate is lower in comparison to multiple other traditional banks. If seeking a personal loan, considering the Bank of Baroda personal interest rate is a valid and sound choice. However, do research thoroughly from different banks to save the most of your money.

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