Silk Pillowcases: Nourish Your Colour-Treated Hair

Do you have questions about how to take care of your gorgeous coloured hair? 

To achieve that flawless, dreamy hair colour, you must have spent a lot of effort and money.  Colour gives your hair a little extra punch, whether you’re going for subtle highlights or a whole different tint for your entire appearance. Even while colouring your hair is a lot of fun, maintaining it after the process is just as crucial. Did you know that hair dyes contain ammonia and peroxide that harm hair? Furthermore, resting on extremely absorbent materials like cotton can exacerbate the damage done to recently coloured hair. A silk pillowcase of superior quality, ideally composed of 25 momme pure Mulberry silk, is the ideal way to protect your hair while you sleep. 

Damage that Hair Dye Causes

Hair colour companies will not tell you that often colouring and conditioning your hair damages the cuticle of your hair and is not good for your hair. It’s a rigorous process that depletes your hair with chemicals.

Straight hair’s cuticle, a protective layer, lies flat until the ammonia in hair dyes lifts it. The natural colour is bleached by the peroxide, and the new colour is placed in the shaft. Your hair suffers damage from the procedure, becoming dry and more brittle. Summertime heat can exacerbate existing damage, resulting in flyaways and ragged cuticles. 


Cotton vs Silk Pillowcases

Towels are made with cotton since it is well-known for its texture and absorbency. A cotton pillowcase absorbs moisture from your sleep, leaving your hair feeling dry. Due to friction from its rough surface and frequent tugging and pulling, cotton eventually breaks, splits ends, tangles, and frizzes. If your hair is dry and colour-treated, or if it is curly or coarse, you should not sleep on cotton.  

On the other hand, 25 momme Mulberry Silk pillowcases are a good choice for any type of hair. It helps repair hair that is dry and damaged. The delicate hair cuticle is shielded by silk. Your hair will slide over the silk surface as you move while you sleep because of its smooth surface and less friction. This reduces breakage, split ends, knots, and frizz because there is no tugging or pulling involved. 

The natural fibre silk contains a protein called sericin, which functions as a conditioner to keep your hair lustrous, silky, and healthy. The protein keeps your skin and hair hydrated and aids in moisture retention. To include nourishing ingredients in your dyed hair, moisture is essential. Silk lets your hair heal itself by not absorbing moisture while you sleep. Moreover, silk possesses thermoregulating qualities that help you feel cool by dispersing heat during the summer. 


Invest in the Best Quality Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 

We’ve discovered Mayfairsilk, a British company that produces pillowcases made of premium Mulberry Silk in 25 momme sizes. The Lux Life Global Excellence Awards 2021 – Best Silk Bedding Company is only one of the several honours that the firm has won. Mayfairsilk offers free next-day delivery across the U.K. for orders over £50. Despite being headquartered in the UK, they ship all over the world using the highest grade of silk on the market, which is the 6A grade. Because of its OKEO-Tex Standard 100 Certification, the fabric is devoid of dangerous chemicals. Silk preserves moisture, nourishing your colourful hair and offering optimal protection. Its hypoallergenic qualities make it ideal for delicate skin. They are expanding quickly in order to enhance their operations in the US and the Middle East (at Dubai Mall, Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, Palace Vendome Qatar, and Mirdif City Center). 

Visit their website at to view the selection of Mulberry Silk pillowcases 25 momme.

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