Ways to Save Money While Travelling Abroad 

Travelling is one of the greatest joys in life for many people. The opportunity to explore a new country or culture is enough to take that leap of faith and fulfil your travel goals. However, one of the most common travel challenges is insufficient funds, which can affect your travel plans. 

Nevertheless, you can easily overcome such challenges with Personal Loans for travelling abroad among other ways without any financial setbacks.

Let us learn more about the diverse ways you can save money while travelling abroad.

Top Tips for Saving Money While Travelling Abroad

Travelling or planning to travel to an overseas destination can come with its own set of financial challenges. Let’s find out some of the best ways to save money without affecting your travel goals.

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  • Plan Your Trip During Off-Season – Before jetting off to your dream destination, make sure that you plan the dates carefully. While travelling during the on-season is an obvious choice, off-season dates allow you to save more as there are fewer bookings. Moreover, you also get to travel at leisure without the on-season rush and crowds.
  • Book Your Flights Ahead of Time – Make sure that all your flight bookings – direct, stopover, or connecting, are booked well in advance. Doing so ensures you get the best flights at the lowest rates since you avoid the last-minute rush.
  • Avail Travel Offers – Make sure you ask your booking or travel agent about any discounts or exclusive offers. This can further help you save on your overseas trip. If you are planning your trip via a mobile application, make the most of available deals to save more.
  • Choose a Good Phone Network & Internet Plan – Nowadays, it is easier to stay connected from almost anywhere we travel thanks to the internet and wider network coverage. However, availing of such services can often turn out to be expensive, especially when you’re travelling abroad. Do your research to find the best mobile network and internet plans that help you stay connected without financial stress.
  • Travel Locally – Most experienced travellers seem to agree that the best way to explore a new place is to travel locally. You can plan your travel routes to navigate through various places and streets easily at no extra cost. What’s more, travelling like a local will help you learn more about the place and its culture.
  • Invest in Prepaid Travel Passes/Cards – Depending on the duration of your stay abroad, you can apply for travel passes or cards for a hassle-free commute. Most countries offer special passes for daily commutes. You can also look for any passes that are specifically designed for tourists or travellers.
  • Avail of Loans for Travelling Abroad – These days, one of the best ways to travel overseas is to avail of Personal Loans for Travel. These are unsecured loans for travelling abroad, i.e., collateral-free loans. These loans can be availed of to fulfil your travel goals and any related expenses without any trouble.

What are Personal Loans for Travelling Abroad?

A Personal Loan for Travel is a collateral-free financial product that can be used to meet various travel-related expenses. You are not required to put any asset as security against the loan amount.

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A Personal Loan for Travel comes with some of the best features and benefits, such as:

  • Multipurpose Usage – A Personal Loan for Travel can be used for any kind of travel-related purpose. Be it for booking travel-based activities, rides, accommodation, or flights, you can do it all with this loan.
  • Competitive Interest Rates – Loans for travelling abroad come with attractive interest rates. It also helps if you have a high credit score as it helps in getting low-interest rates on a Personal Loan. The credit score needed for Personal Loan at low-interest rates should be 750 and above.
  • Affordable EMIs – A low-interest rate can also reduce the EMI amount that you need to repay every month. Affordable EMIs mean more savings and better financial management. 
  • Flexible Repayment Period – Some NBFCs & Banks offer Personal Loan for Travel with a flexible repayment period of up to 60 months. This lets you plan your budget accordingly without having to undergo any financial stress.
  • Simple Eligibility Criteria & Less Paperwork – Most Apply for Online Personal Loans with straightforward eligibility criteria and minimal documentation for faster loan processing and approval.


Personal Loans for Travel are one of the best financial products that you can avail of easily for travelling abroad. This, combined with the other tips can help fulfil your travel goals without any hassle.

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