Why Can’t I Access Facebook Marketplace?

Many Facebook users currently cannot find Facebook Marketplace and this is why they often wonder why can’t I access Facebook Marketplace. The Marketplace is an amazing place where users can buy and sell anything that they wish.

But, if you are wondering why you cannot access Facebook Marketplace then, you do not need to worry as here we are giving you the main reasons as well as the methods to get Facebook Marketplace on your device.

What are the main reasons why you cannot get Facebook Marketplace?

The first thing that users need to know is why can’t I use Facebook Marketplace and this is why you need to know about the main reasons for the same. There are a number of reasons why people cannot access Facebook Marketplace.

  1. Facebook Marketplace is undergoing technical changes and issues. 
  2. Your Facebook Account is still too new and does not support Marketplace. 
  3. You cannot access Facebook Marketplace because of violations of guidelines. 
  4. Your age is less than 18. 
  5. You are not using the current version of the application. 
  6. Facebook has seen some suspicious activity from your account. 

Now that you are familiar with the common causes, let’s move forward and know the methods that you can use to resolve the issue on your device. 

Effective Methods to use when you can’t access Facebook Marketplace

If the marketplace isn’t available to you then, you can easily refer to the solutions that we are providing here to access the Marketplace easily. 

Solution 1: Access Facebook Marketplace Directly 

Sometimes Facebook is facing technical issues and this is why people cannot access Facebook Marketplace and in this case, the best option for you is to navigate directly to Facebook Marketplace using a web browser.

Solution 2: Ensure that your Facebook Account is correctly set up 

Another thing that you need to do is to ensure that your Facebook account is correctly set up because you cannot access Marketplace if your account does not support it. 

Solution 3: Use a Different Browser

Sometimes, users cannot access Facebook Marketplace because of the web browser and this is why it is also recommended to try a different web browser. You also need to make sure that you have cleared all the cache data present in the browser that you are using. 


You can also try to re-install the application to see whether the application allows you to access Marketplace or not. We hope that these simple methods will allow you to launch Facebook Marketplace. If still you have some doubts regarding why can’t I access Facebook Marketplace then you can visit the link mentioned above. In this blog, I have covered all the possible ways to access Facebook Marketplace. So, if you are interested to know, then visit the link.

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